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SourceWhale provides all you need to engage with ideal prospects in one platform. Utilize email, calls and LinkedIn with advanced AI support to build relationships and drive conversions efficiently.

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Be where your candidates are

Maximize your reach and effectiveness in candidate sourcing and business development. SourceWhale enables you to engage with prospects wherever they are, ensuring no opportunity is missed.



If you’re not catering for different communication preferences, you’re missing out on tons of visibility and engagement. With SourceWhale you can build personalized campaigns comprised of email, LinkedIn connections, InMail, SMS and phone calls – all in one place.



Our stats show that 71% of conversations are sparked by a follow-up and response rates start getting serious after five follow-ups. SourceWhale’s to-do’s ensure you stay on top of all your touchpoints consistently.



Dull, generic cold outreach doesn’t persuade anyone. Stand out in busy inboxes and stand out from your competitors with real-time insight into your contact’s business, dynamic variables and AI content coaching, helping to deliver a highly personalized communication experience.



To really get the best results you need to do all of the above at scale. Consistently. While doing all the other things a recruiter has to do as part of their day-to-day. SourceWhale’s manages your outreach with powerful automation, making engagement at scale a reality.

Leading the future of recruitment

It allows our business to build compelling personalized outreach campaigns, which are great for both passive candidate sourcing and cold BD outreach.

James Hine
Co-Founder & Managing Director, True Blue

We all love the ‘scoring card’ section when you’re building steps that help you to write eye-catching content without spam and score how successful your BD emails are. Genius!

Jayne Winch

Emails look slick and professional, not “automated” super easy-to-use tool. Already seeing wins.

Ben Sparks
Vice President, brightsmith

We’re all (mostly) human so a lot of the time we forget to follow up, and even when we do it’s a manual chore. Well, not anymore. Sourcewhale is fantastic and ensures I never miss my follow-ups.

Callum Sparkes
Senior Consultant, Catalyst Life Sciences

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