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Stop wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks

Recruiters spend up to four hours a week reorienting themselves after toggling to a new application. So rather than spend your time switching between tabs, SourceWhale allows you to do everything you need to from one.

I LOVE the chrome extension that allows me to toggle through similar candidates for easy comparison and contact information.

Kate B
Senior Director

Update contact details with a single click

With SourceWhale, managing your contacts is seamless and intuitive. Simply click on a contact’s name to edit their details directly from your campaign steps. The changes will automatically sync across your campaign, ensuring your communications are always up-to-date.

Effortlessly track every interaction

Stay on top of your communication timeline with the SourceWhale Activity tab. Here, you can effortlessly monitor when each contact was sourced, messaged and view upcoming scheduled messages. This comprehensive overview ensures no detail is missed, keeping you organized and productive.

Streamlined contact management

Navigate and update your contacts’ journey right from the Activity tab in the SourceWhale extension. Easily update the stage of a contact to ‘Sourced’, ‘Messaged’, ‘Replied’, or ‘Interested’ without ever leaving your current workflow.

Detailed meeting insights at a glance

The SourceWhale extension lets you track when contacts were reached and review past and future meetings—all in one place. This feature keeps you and your team fully informed, streamlining communication and strengthening relationships.

Powerful functionality in your inbox

The extension also puts SourceWhale functionality in your Outlook or Gmail. This enables you to use Content Coach, email tracking and schedule automated follow-up nudges direct from your inbox.

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