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Level up your outreach

With WhaleGPT in your corner, it’s the work of moments to generate and polish persuasive messaging for business development and candidate sourcing. This means less time spent agonising over the correct wording and more time booking meetings and closing revenue.

WhaleGPT helps me quickly enhance my outreach. So many cool features!
Katinka F

Say goodbye to writer's block

Don’t let blank page anxiety get you down. With a few details, WhaleGPT can quickly generate engaging, persuasive business development or candidate sourcing outreach in the tone-of-voice of your choosing.

Tailor your outreach to your use cases

Whether it’s business development or candidate sourcing, WhaleGPT will adapt accordingly so you can produce relevant content that speaks to your target audience faster. This means you can spend more time doing what you’re good at – recruiting.

Content Coach

With email deliverability becoming more difficult, email quality is becoming more and more important. Content Coach assesses your messaging and provides data-driven recommendations to enhance your outreach efforts – from wording and subject lines to custom variables, reading time and avoiding spam phrases.

Customized choices with just a click

Simply choose from two options for both the subject line and body copy to insert them directly into your campaign without having to leave the platform. From there you can send, make edits, or add more variables and personalization.

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