Multichannel, multi‑touch outreach for recruiters

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The Platform Enabling Thousands of Top Agencies

Campaigns that convert consistently

SourceWhale makes it simple to create smart, high-converting outreach campaigns that automatically run alongside consultants’ day-to-day activities, freeing them to focus on the human side of recruiting.

3 quick takeaways

Meaningful, personalized campaigns at scale

Whether business development or candidate sourcing, SourceWhale makes quality outreach a breeze.

Plug leaky pipelines with automated follow-ups

Automated campaigns ensure you hit every touchpoint, meaning no more missed opportunities.

Maximum productivity, minimum admin

SourceWhale’s integration with your CRM takes care of the admin, freeing you to focus on building relationships.

SourceWhale is the most modern platform out there, with more personalization to allow genuine context.

Michael R
President, Asymmetric Talent Solutions

Add persistence to your playbook

One-and-done doesn’t work for outreach. Our stats show that 71% of meetings come from follow-ups. Build solid cadences that generate more business and source more candidates with SourceWhale’s automated, multi-touch campaigns.

Multichannel campaigns made easy

Research shows that using three channels doubles your meeting booking rate compared to using just one. With SourceWhale you can build personalized campaigns comprised of email, LinkedIn connections, InMail, SMS and phone calls – all in one place.

Your to-do list: done

Keeping on top of outreach, calls and follow-ups as well as juggling all the other tasks that fill your calendar takes superhuman organization skills. SourceWhale helps you stay consistent, automating tasks, enabling you to breeze through your to-do list and ensuring you don’t miss any touchpoints.

Timing is everything

SourceWhale’s Live Feed gives you a real time view of how and when candidates and prospects are engaging with your outreach. This enables you to time your follow up with them at the moment of greatest engagement, maximizing your chances of securing a meeting.

More than just simple automation

SourceWhale campaigns go way beyond basic email automation, enabling you to pull in personalized content mid-sequence and edit variables on the fly. Whether that’s commenting on a resource they’ve read recently, a networking event they’ve attended or highlighting a common interest. This way you can create a white-glove experience for your contacts.

Do more of what works

Powerful insight into which messaging hits home enables you to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact. SourceWhale provides analytics on opens, clicks, positive replies and even which times get the best response rates.

Leverage a data-driven strategy

Empower your team with user-friendly reporting that tracks open, click and meeting rates. Gain real-time insights into contact engagement and identify and scale best practices to supercharge results.

Start boosting engagement, increasing meetings and elevating revenue today.

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SourceWhale is the only platform recruiting teams need to execute their daily recruiting activities, find pipeline insights and nurture relationships at scale – all from a single place.