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Turn up the heat on your cold calling

We know that making calls is a big part of most recruiters’ day. That’s why we built SourceWhale Dialer – a brand-new tool that enables you to quickly and easily make and receive phone calls either in the SourceWhale app or from anywhere on the web. Every call is seamlessly recorded and logged in your system of record so you can easily keep track of all your outreach in one place.

More conversations, higher conversions

Calls are one of the most powerful tools in a recruiter’s kit, with 66% of meetings in SourceWhale booked over the phone.

Call everywhere, from anywhere

Dialer works where you work. Make calls from the SourceWhale app, inside your CRM or anywhere on the web.

less admin, more productivity

SourceWhale’s workflows and integrations with over 90 CRMs take over the legwork, freeing you to focus on having great conversations.

It will be a product that all modern day recruitment companies will HAVE to have in their tech stack.

Hishem Azzouz
Founder, Hector

“That’s spooky!”

Isn’t it frustrating when you call a prospect, only to be told “now’s not a good time”?

By combining Dialer with SourceWhale’s Live Feed, you can catch prospects and candidates as soon as they interact with your content and outreach – at the very moment they are most engaged – all with a single click.

Dial everywhere, from anywhere

Dialer makes it a breeze to complete the calling steps of your outreach campaigns, but you don’t need to be in the SourceWhale app – or even completing a SourceWhale-related task – to make a call using Dialer.

Simply right-click on a valid phone number anywhere on the web and select “Sourcewhale Dialer” to make the call.

Seamless call logging

It used to be that following a call being completed, the consultant had to manually log the call in their CRM, meaning less time to spend on revenue-generating activities and the risk of manual errors.

With Dialer, calls are automatically recorded and seamlessly logged through our integration with your CRM, freeing up your team to focus on the tasks that matter.

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