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Engage top talent

Find, engage and place top-quality candidates with SourceWhale’s recruitment engagement platform.

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Automated outreach

Personalize your communication at scale and never miss a follow-up.

AI content expertise

Level up your outreach for maximum impact with minimum effort.


Effortlessly thread your communications across the channels your prospects are on.

Find and engage top talent

Capturing the attention of passive and high-quality active talent shouldn’t be a chore. SourceWhale’s Recruitment Engagement Platform helps you engage and source the best talent.


Find potential candidates

Use SourceWhale to search for potential candidates across websites, job boards, CRMs.


Build a campaign around your ideal candidate profile

Design a compelling outreach campaign by mapping out each of the steps and channels, then curating content that is relevant to the talent you want to source.


Optimize for impact and deliverability

Generate and polish your messaging using built-in AI tools and maximize engagement with attached collateral, animated gifs and video messages.


Hyper-personalize at scale

Show them you know them by tailoring individual steps for each candidate as you add them to the campaign, using insights and intel about their company from the SourceWhale Extension.


Keep productivity high

Stay organized and manage all your tasks in one place, from automated follow-ups and running through to-do steps, to making calls and tracking responses in real time.


Do more of what works

Powerful testing, insights and reporting show you where in the campaign people are engaging, what channels work best and highlight areas to tweak.

Leading the future of recruitment

It’s like a +1 to all of your sourcing efforts by sending automated personal email campaigns in addition to your LinkedIn efforts. Very effective!

Elijah Elkins
VP of Delivery, Comeet

I LOVE the assistant feature that guides you through writing messaging and makes suggestions to improve open and read rates! This allowed me to completely change my approach and I saw results almost immediately.

Kate Braun

It’s impressive how SourceWhale can add in Github repo personalization to emails! We’ve been able to improve our candidate response rates, which is brilliant.

Alastair Taylor

The integration with Thrive TRM has saved valuable time each day sourcing candidates into pipelines and allows you to tag skills on the easy-to-use Chrome extension.

Michael J. Burrell
Research Associate, 33eleven

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