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From calls to conversions: Actionable tips for phone sales success

Webinar 3 • 7 Aug
Are you fully leveraging the power of the phone in your multi-channel approach?

Many recruiters struggle to get the most out of their phone activity.

In this live learning session, you’ll gain practical insights and strategies to immediately apply to maximise your phone activity in today’s market.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand what to stop doing on your sales call that’s damaging your results.
  • Learn how to open up your sales calls that get your prospects to open up.
  • Explore objection handling & questioning techniques that you can immediately start implementing in your sales calls.

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Aug 7 2024
Dougie Loan
Hishem Azzouz
Giulio (Cimenis) Segantini
Orris Long
SVP of Sales

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