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Transform your recruiting with seamless automation, engagement and integration – all in one.


Turn your to-do's into done and get hours back every week

  • With automated syncs to your CRM/ATS,
you’ll never have to worry about clerical errors or missing messages.
  • SourceWhale users save 8+ hours per week while sending personalized outreach across 5+ channels.

Automation doesn’t have to lack personalization

  • Timing and messaging makes or breaks deals.
  • Prospects are 193% more likely to engage when your outreach contains 3+ personalized messaging instances.
  • With SourceWhale, you’ll instantly know when prospects are warm and be able to send them hyper-personalized messages.

Enhance your productivity across every platform

  • Effortlessly link 100+ sourcing sites to your CRM/ATS for smooth outreach.
  • Ensure data accuracy with deep two-way CRM/ATS integrations.
  • Easily find and verify contacts with top data intelligence tools.

Leading the future of recruitment

We’ve seen a significant ROI, multiple placements and new terms signed; all from the SourceWhale platform.

Josh Stannard
Co-Founder & Partner, Kaizen Recruitment UK
One of the most important (and impressive!) bits of kit in my tech stack.

Dom Birchall
Owner, Checked Recruitment

One of the best recruitment tools on the market, by a country mile! SourceWhale has been a game-changer for our business.

Joe Palin
Founder & Talent Director, Studiotypes

It will be a product that all modern day recruitment companies will HAVE to have in their tech stack.

Hishem Azzouz
Founder, Hector

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